Hex Closed End Lug Nuts


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The VS3 ET (extended thread) lug nuts is our solution for Toyota truck owners that are looking for more thread engagement when installing aftermarket wheels. Toyota trucks are notorious for having short wheel studs, offering less than the recommended thread engagement. The VS3 are closed-end hex head lug nuts, which has the appearance and look that many find appealing, but also the simplicity of using a hex socket rather than worrying about finding a spline key when changing a flat on the trail. 


• Constructed of hardened Cold Forged Vanadium steel for maximum strength
• Salt spray tested and specially treated
• Resists corrosion, rust and paint chipping
• Our narrow hex type lug nuts are best suited for all of our wheels, which have a 29mm diameter countersunk lug hole
• Closed end design protects the wheel studs from corrosion

• Open end hex design with Knurled ends enable quick and easy installation and removal (with key)
• Includes 24 lug nuts and 1 hex key

Vehicle Fitment

12x1.5 ET: Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Lexus GX460 GX470

Why use ET:

It's a known issue that the Tacoma, 4Runner, and GX have short wheel studs. Upgrading to aftermarket wheels causes the lug seating to change to a conical seating, which then results in less thread engagement than what the factory wheels and lug nuts can obtain. 

The solution is to use our compatible ET (extended thread) lug nuts. The shank of the lug nuts fit snugly into the wheel's lughole, resulting in more thread engagement and a better peace of mind. 

Another benefit is the wheels are now not only hub-centric, but also lug centric. Using ET lug nuts provides the same amount of wheel securement that a factory OEM wheel/lug nut setup would supply. 

*All RRW wheels are compatible with ET lugs to offer more thread engagement