Frequently Asked Questions

Will this product fit my truck? 

  • We categorize our product by vehicle, so you can generally find wheels and armor for your truck by simply clicking shop by vehicle, and finding the appropriate section. For armor, we have more fitment information in the product description of each product, so please look through the product page. If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out and we’ll let you know if the product fits. 

Our wheels come in different offsets. Below is a comparison of what a +0, -12 and -25 offset wheel will look like when installed.


Why can’t I put more than 1 wheel into my cart? 

  • If you are unable to add 4+ wheels to your cart, then we are sold out of full sets for that specific color/offset option. Please browse through our other wheel options, or select another color/offset option. If you are experiencing a technical problem with adding products to your cart, please reach out to us and we’ll look into the issue. 


When will my armor order ship?

  • All of our armor is made-to-order, with lead times for production listed on each individual product page, unless stated to be in-stock at the time of purchasing. Longer lead times may occur when there are an influx of orders such as during Black Friday or special promotion sales. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we fulfill each order.


When will my wheel order ship?

  • If your wheel selection is apre-order, your shipping ETA will be listed on the product page. If your wheels are markedin-stock, they will ship within 1-3 business days. If you need any help tracking your order, reach out with your order number and we will look into it. 


    Where can I find installation Instructions for this armor product? 

    • We are working on making installation instructions for all of our armor products. If installation instructions are available, they will be linked on the product page. If you are interested in making us an installation video, you may be entitled for compensation.Please click here for more info. 


    What tools do I need for installing your armor products?

    • This really depends on the product you’re purchasing, but for the most part our armor products require simple basic tools such as sockets, wrenches, and a ratchet. For products requiring bumper trimming, we recommend either taking it to a professional for installation, or using a dremel for plastic trimming. Please do not perform an install if you are uncomfortable with using trimming tools.

     Will your wheels fit over the Toyota manual locking hubs?

    • Yes, all of our Toyota spec wheels will fit.

    Will my stock lug nuts work with your wheels?

    • NO. All of our wheels require aftermarket lug nuts that are conical seating with a 60 degree taper. This is a standard size for many aftermarket wheels.

    Aftermarket lug nuts are more compact and use a smaller hex socket, which greatly reduces the possibility of scratching your wheels paint when installing and removing the lug nuts.

    Be sure to check the size of your vehicle's studs before purchasing lug nuts. The 3 most common sizes that we sell are: 

    1.) 12x1.5 (Tacoma, 4Runner, Lexus) 

    2.) 14x1.5 (Tundra, Chevy, F150, F250, Ram 1500/2500, Silverado 2500/3500) 

    3.) 12x1.25 (Subaru) 


    What's the difference between ET and non-ET lug nuts?

    • We offer ET lugs in a 12x1.5 thread length for the Tacoma, 4Runnera dn GX. It's a known issue that these three vehicles have short wheel studs. Upgrading to aftermarket wheels causes the lug seating to change to a conical seating, which then results in less thread engagement than what the factory wheels and lug nuts can obtain. 
    • By using our ET lug nuts, the shank of the lug nut fits snugly into the wheel's lughole resulting in more thread engagement and a better peace of mind. 
    • Another benefit is the wheels are now not only hub-centric, but also lug centric. Using ET lug nuts provides the same amount of wheel securement that a factory OEM wheel/lug nut setup would supply. 

    What are the torque specs for your wheels? 

    • Torque specs are based on the factory specs of each vehicle manufacturer. 

    Do you a military or first responder discount?

    • Yes, click here to visit our military discount page for more information. There is also a button on the cart page that takes you to the same ID verification page.

    My center cap (sticker) fell off. Do you have replacements?

    • Yes, we sell replacement ABS center caps here. And replacement RRW logo decals here.

    Do you offer financing?

    Why can't I call you guys?

    • We are an extremely small team and currently do not have the bandwith or manpower to take phone calls. Emails also ensure that there is a paper trail for updates to orders, changes of address, etc.


    I’ve lost my center-cap or lip bolts on one of the wheels, do you sell replacements? 

    • We have replacement center-caps and lip bolts available, but not for all wheel specs. Send us an email to and we'll let you know if a replacement is in-stock. Most of the time, it is.


    Where is my center cap logo / sticker?

    • These can be found in the box underneath the wheel, usually in a small bag along with an L-shaped hex key. Please make sure to check the boxes before you or your installer throw them away.


    Where are the lip bolts or accessories that I ordered?

    • Some items ship separately and will be noted in product descriptions. For small items that ship together (such as lip bolts, cap stickers or lug nuts), please check all boxes in your order. The starred box will contain the accessories.


    Why are my bolts rusting?

    • Rust may occur due to normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements. If you live in an area where they salt the roads during the winter or nearby the ocean / salt water, this exposure may cause faster than normal rusting. We are doing our best to provide better quality bolts to avoid this.


    I need a refund of my order. How long does this process take?

    • Once a refund is processed, you will receive a refund confirmation via email. It takes a few business days (typically 2-3 business days) for the funds to return to you. Should there be a delay, we recommend contacting your bank. 


    Can I modify my order / change my shipping address? Can I cancel?

    • Please let us know as soon as possible of any order modifications, if you need to update your shipping address or cancel your order. Once your order ships and you receive tracking via email or text, we cannot modify or cancel your order. 

    Do you price match?

    • No, price matches will not be given once an order has been fulfilled (tracking sent to customer).

    How do I know if I’ve got an active order with RRW?

    • With every order, we send out a confirmation email as soon as payment is received. This confirmation will be sent to the email used at checkout, so please make sure you have entered the correct email without errors. We will contact you via this email if there are any issues with the order, and we will also send your tracking info to this address once your order has shipped. If you did not receive your confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you still do not have it, contact us and we will check on your order, and adjust the email address if any errors were made. 


    Where is my armor being made?

    • We fabricate all our armor from scratch here in Southern California, utilizing high quality american-sourced steel. Our tubing is DOM tubing, which is superior in strength and quality to HREW tubing. Our steel plating is laser cut, and tubing is plasma cut and bent to tight tolerances. Our powder coating process is outsourced to a local partnered powder coat shop, who prioritize our orders for the fastest turnaround time. 


    Can I come pick up my order locally?

    • At the moment, we do not offer local pickups.


      Since your armor is made-to-order, can we customize the design on my purchase?

      • In order for RRW to keep up with fabrication demands, we are not accepting custom requests on products at this time.


      Can you design an armor part for my vehicle?

      • If you have a request for a new product, please reach out to us with your inquiry and vehicle, and we will get back to you. We do not normally design new products without extensive research, so the likely answer is no. However if you see this part being in high demand by your vehicle’s community, we may be able to work with you. Bonus if you’re in the Southern California area and are willing to bring your vehicle in for scanning/fabrication. 


      I ordered a raw steel product. Can I use the product without putting a coating on it? 

      • NO. Our raw steel products REQUIRE a coating to prevent rust forming. The nature of raw metal is to rust when in contact with moisture, so we recommend getting the parts powder coated as soon as possible. We offer a professional powder coating service for every part made, but do not offer custom colored powder coating. For custom colors, you will need to order the part in raw metal, and get the coating done yourself. 


      Do you offer sponsorships or have an ambassador program?

      • Yes we do! We’re always looking for influencers and brand ambassadors looking to grow alongside RRW. To apply, please send us a detailed written proposal of what you’d be able to offer us and what we can expect from our partnership. Please also include your analytics, reach, social platforms, following, location, and requested products. Send this full proposal for consideration, and we’ll get back to you if we’re interested in sponsoring your build. 


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