Will my stock lug nuts work with your wheels?

No, all of our wheels require 60 degree conical seating lug nuts and will not work with stock lug nuts. We carry different lug nuts in 12x1.25, 12x1.5 and 14x1.5 thread lengths depending on your vehicle. Lug nuts are sold separately. Wheels orders DO NOT include lug nuts.


I’ve ordered an armor product and am curious to when my order will be shipped, is there an ETA?

Most of our offroad armor is made-to-order, and the lead times are reflected in the product description. Check the product page for info of when your product will be expected to ship out.


I’m looking to order wheels but I can’t add four to the cart. Why is this happening?

If you’re unable to add four wheels to your cart, then we’ve sold out of full sets. We have restocks coming for most specs, so you should be able to grab a set soon. 


I’ve ordered a presale wheelset. When can I expect the item to ship?

The wheel presales have ETA’s in the product description. If there is a delay, we will notify you via email. 


I’ve lost my center-cap or lip bolts on one of the wheels, do you sell replacements? 

We have replacement center-caps and lip bolts available, but not for all wheel specs. Shoot us an email and we'll let you know if a replacement is in-stock. Most of the time, it is.

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