7/16" Soft Shackle (33,000lbs) | RRW Recovery Gear

Blue w/Black Sleeve

RRW soft shackles are the best way to affix a tow rope to your truck for easy offroad recoveries. Built with a 33,000lbs breaking point, these soft shackles are lightweight and flexible but also extremely durable. Soft shackles replace the clunky metal D ring shackles on bumpers that are heavy, prone to rusting and can damage your vehicle from clanging around. The ropes flexibility and adjustability allow them to attach to nearly any tow point and makes them easy to store when not in use. We've coated the double braided nylon rope in a UV and water-resistant coating and also wrapped it in a tightly woven full black sleeve that adds another layer of grip, protection, and strength.


Size: 7/16"
 Thick double braided nylon rope coated in water and UV resistant finish with a full RRW branded black sleeve that provides an extra layer of protection
Benefits: Our soft shackle has a full protective black sleeve that preserves the synthetic fibers from fraying and ensures a longer life span than competitors. The sleeve also helps prevent the braided rope from snagging on jagged edges.
Color: Blue with black sleeve
Breaking Strength: 33,000 lbs
Weight:  Less than a smartphone
Use:  Pulling out work trucks, offroad recoveries and recreational offroad use
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