Install Submission

Want a chance to save money?! Introducing our How To Install Submission program. Relations Race Wheels is willing to refund $100-$150 off your order if you can cover the install via photo blog style or video format. Participants have the option of doing a video and/or written photo submission. If you are interested, please carefully read and follow the instructions below. Submissions are based on a first come, first serve basis on listed products, and Relations Race Wheels reserves the right to decline submissions that are not up to our standards.

Video Requirements

- 1080p Minimum Resolution (1920x1080) and higher quality than 1080p is preferred.
- Clear, well lit and detailed camera angles of procedures for product install (e.g. area of hardware, tabs, etc.)
-Include outline of required and optional tools during the beginning of the video and the use in the specific steps.
- Overexposed or underexposed footage will not be considered.
- If submitting a voiceover explaining the process, please refrain from using profanity.
- Must cover the install from start to finish and show the end result.

Photo Requirements
- Must be in high resolution (At least 4K)
- Must have good composition and be well lit (Not underexposed or overexposed)
- Raw file format is preferred, but not required.
-Written list of required and optional tools, and the use in the specific steps
-Detailed written instructions for each step of the installation
- Detailed photos of each step during the installation process including all hardware, cutting if required, tips and tricks, before and after photos, and etc. (A few photos of each step would be preferred so we have photos to choose from.)
- Must fit the entire product and vehicle in at least one photo.  (Example: Settings the sliders down beside your vehicle and take a photo with the sliders and the vehicle in view to show which product is being installed to which vehicle)

Written Instructions are always accepted and will be useful as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
Please send all submission materials to for review and approval, with the subject title "Media Submission". Response time is between 1-2 weeks due to high volume of entries.
Here is a link of a 5 star "How To" blog photo style submission written and shot by our friends at Trail Tacoma.

Disclaimer: Contestant agrees that all ancillary media rights, including but not limited to: publicity, movies, video, photos, television, literary, and replica rights with respect to the submission of any items to Relations Race Wheels are exclusively the property of Relations Race Wheels.