3mm & 5mm Spacer for Beadlock Rings

Bolt Size | Color
35mm GOLD Bolts

These laser-cut spacers sandwich between the wheel and beadlock ring. Although they are not commonly required with the installation of our beadlock rings, some tires with a very thick bead may benefit from using these spacers. In the case when the tire bead is so thick that the beadlock ring can't sit flush against the wheel at the recommended torque specs. 

  • This listing is for one spacer, which is good for one wheel.
  • Available in either 3mm steel or 5mm thick aluminum 
  • Includes 25 Longer Bolts (M8X1.25x35mm Grade 10.9) GOLD Zinc Plated only 

*Based on our order statistics, less than 3% of beadlock users require these spacers. Factors that determine if spacers are necessary are tire brand, model. and size.


DISCLAIMER- Professional Installation is highly recommended 
If you are NOT mechanically inclined or are unsure of how to install, do NOT attempt to install beadlock rings yourself or you will risk damaging the wheels by stripping the threads. Take these to a reputable off-road shop that specializes in installing beadlocks. We will NOT warranty wheels that are damaged from improper installation.