August 05, 2019 2 min read

You’re in your 4Runner for long periods of time, whether it’s commuting to work, going on a trip, or exploring your local trails. Sometimes your kids have spills, sometimes your buddies have dirty clothing, and sometimes the trails take a dusty toll on your ride’s interior. If you’ve got cloth seats, you’re familiar with the struggles we’re discussing today.


Luckily, we’ve developed anOEM-replacement seat cover, that looks, feels, and performs, better than OEM. The seat covers are made withour SoftTouch synthetic leather, which isn't as porous like leather, so food or liquid that is spilled onto it can be easily wiped off. This makes our covers easier to clean and keep clean, without the need for specialized cleaning chemicals and supplies that end up becoming a clutter in your trunk. 


Got kids? You know the struggle of trying to clean those messy stains on the seats after the trip through the drive-thru. Got pets? Let them roam free without having to worry about the cloth being all torn up. Our covers have a tougher tolerance for those excited claws and teeth you might allow in your cab. SoftTouch synthetic leather is a better option for those who seek a luxury look and feel, without the outrageous upgraded trim costs from Toyota.


These covers make your seats more comfortable too. They’re lined with a medium-density foam, to provide additional comfort and insulation. Don’t worry about those occasional spills or stains, and enjoy the comfort of your interior the way you’ve always wanted it to be. The seats are available with two stitching options as well, Red, and Gray, so you can add that custom touch and added value to your interior.


Our replacement seat covers have mounting clips in the OEM positions for a secure hold, so you can be sure your covers won’t be sliding around your seats and always unhooking, moving around, and tearing. Once on, they’re on until you remove them. Don’t bother struggling with slip-on seat covers, our product features a zipper-up closure on the backs of the seats for ease of installation. Just get the top over the seat, and zip it up for a factory fit that aligns with the contours and curves of your seats. Just like OEM. We’ve even got a video installation explanation, if you’d like to see what the process is like. Find that below:


Includes: Front driver and passenger seats + head rests and back row + headrests. Orderseat covers for your Toyota 4Runner today.

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