May 07, 2019 2 min read

When you’ve got a UTV, you’re not driving down calm wide roads of packed dirt and daisies. You’re more than likely going down the raw and unforgiving roads that mother nature provided us. And that has risks, such as debeading, breaking parts or even cracking your wheels. We get out there often, and we’ve experienced some of these failures. For that reason, we set out to create a superior true-beadlock wheel that would outperform the industry standard, as well as bring a bit more protection against the elements you’re likely to encounter.

The Relations Race Wheels RR4-BL true-beadlock wheel is meant to be used in the toughest environments where you’re aired down for a larger tire contact patch which in turn gives more traction, but aren’t willing to risk the wheel debeading or blowing off. That’ll ruin your whole day’s trip. Our true-beadlock wheel grips onto that tire, and keeps it in place no matter the pressure you run. Need to ride over a rocky road in comfort? Air down to as low as 5 psi without the worries you may encounter on your stock tires.

Another common trail failure with some modern UTV’s is rim failure due to rocks being lodged between the brake rotor and the rim. A quick google search shows countless threads of people complaining of their rims having deep grooved scratching on the inside, broken rims, broken calipers, or even broken axles. We’ve heard horror stories of axles snapping off and puncturing tires, breaking rotors, and wrecking the wheel all in one go. For this reason, we developed our wheels to have extra space between the caliper and the rim, without sacrificing strength. This way you’ve got a bit more leeway when you get stubborn rocks trying to ruin your fun.

The classic six spoke design and concave face adds ruggedness and durability to your UTV, while also increasing your track width, allowing for a stable smooth ride. The beadlock ring is forged with 6061 Aircraft-Grade aluminium, and features Grade 8 bolts that you can trust to last your UTV’s lifetime. When you spend so much on a machine that’ll bring years of fun in the desert, why risk it all running weak wheels? Get your set for your Polaris RZR or CanAm Maverick X3 today.

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