December 18, 2019 2 min read

Whether you're a construction worker hauling around tons of weight on a daily, or you're an overland build with a bed-built camper, you know how important it is to have your truck be capable of handling what you throw at it. At Relations Race Wheels, we lug around thousands of pounds of raw metal on a daily, so we decided we needed to make the strongest wheels for our trucks. That's when the 18" RR5 was born.



Part of our flagship RR5 series, these wheels are cast using high-grade lightweight aluminium, and designed with a beefy outer lip to give the wheel a 3650lb load rating. While towing, you'll have peace of mind knowing your wheels are stronger than most OEM 8-lug wheels these types of trucks come on. They were also designed with the larger brake calipers modern high-performance diesel trucks have, so no need to go measuring your calipers to make sure you can fit these on.



Going with an 18" wheel as opposed to a 20" wheel also has it's benefits too. You're going to get more sidewall to your tire, allowing for a plush drive no matter the terrain, as well as improved tire-grip when you're off the pavement. That setup also allows you to completely upgrade the look of your truck with one single upgrade. 



The RR5 wheels come in two styles, and many bolt patterns to fit your specific truck:

The RR5-V, which has beadlock-style bolts on the outer lip, giving an aggressive look to the truck.

The RR5-S, which is the same wheel but with a smooth lip.

They also come in three finishes: Matte Black, Matte Bronze, and Matte Gunmetal. 


Head over to Relations Race Wheels and pick up your set today, while supplies last. You can use code 4X4DISCOUNT on your order as well for a discount on top of our current sale pricing.

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