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You know it well. The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular offroad choices nowadays, and there’s good reason. The highly capable Tacoma brings everything you need to the table to rule the trails. The rig comes with a quarter-inch aluminium skid plate, which helps protect what’s important under the front end, and comes standard with it’s 3.5-liter V6 motor. The car comes with FOX Internal bypass shocks, to give you more ground clearance, increased travel, and maximum dampening for when you’re hitting the less-traveled path.

What’s missing from that total package is protection for your rocker panels, because let’s face it, you’re not going to go easy on this thing after dishing out the $5,500 that the TRD Pro package usually costs. This rig is equipped with the RRW Tacoma bolt-on rock sliders, which give you added security when you’re hitting those rougher trails. The sliders are completely bolt-on, so install is a breeze, and they provide protection via 4 fully gusseted arms, welded onto a solid .120 thick steel tubing. The slider protects the rocker panels by letting rocks slide along the outside tube instead of hitting your doors, and the integrated rear kickout pushes the car away from the danger, which could hit your rear end and cause a plethora of damage if you’re not careful. We always recommend going with kickout-integrated sliders for that reason.

The sliders also work as a hi-lift point anywhere on the bar, so you can get out of that rut you drove yourself into. Got a flat? This system makes your life a lot easier as well. No more digging for the right ground to lift your car up. You can rest assured it won’t damage the slider either, it’s MIG welded for strength and reliability that you can count on for years to come.

The customer went with our RRW RR4-V 17x9 Wheels, which have a load rating of 2500lb, the same load rating as a full-sized truck, so they can handle whatever you throw at them. Didn’t quite clear that boulder? Not to worry, the hardened steel bolts protect your rim’s lip, so you don’t have to worry about all those deep scratches on your new wheelset. The concave six spoke design disperses weight evenly as well, so you’re not going to snap a spoke because of that pothole you didn’t see.

All in all, this truck is well built and ready for the trails. It’s forgiving, and reliable, to take on the tasks you throw at it. Not to mention, it looks amazing. Give your TRD the upgrade it deserves, and take a load off your mind when you’re out there doing what you love.

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Pat D
Pat D

October 25, 2019

What size tires are used on this truck, and is there a lift installed or is this truck on stock TRD Pro suspension?

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