June 10, 2019 2 min read

The RRW Rock Sliders are brought to life with the use of 3D scan data and extensive CAD design, which allows us to utilize existing structural holes on the vehicle’s frame, eliminating the need for drilling. All our material are precisely laser cut to provide joints that will maintain the maximum strength possible.

Designed with structural integrity in mind, we use beefy thick plates in areas where needed, and thinner material in the less crucial areas that don’t affect product performance. This allows for a much lighter design, without compromising strength for optimal function.

Our mounting plates use 3/16-inch steel plating and 0.120 thick laser cut steel tubing, which you can depend on to take on years of rough use. This combination provides a great deal of strength, without putting on unnecessary excess weight.

Triangular support gussets provide more rigidity between your mounting points and support arms, giving you the peace of mind and support you need when you come in contact with obstacles in your way.

Our sliders are professionally MIG welded by certified and seasoned welders who take pride in their welds and strive for the cleanest product possible.

Your rock slider will come Powder-coated in a durable wrinkle matte black finish, so the hassles of finding a reliable powder coater and paying a premium aren’t there. Just buy the product, bolt it on, and spend more time trailing, rather than prepping.

There is no need for greed, we work hard to keep prices low. Manufacturing in American is NOT cheap, but we make sacrifices to oversee all production, including the labor, the materials, and the effort put into the product. Affordability shouldn’t come at the cost of quality.

100% Made in the USA. From design, materials, laser cutting, welding, finishing, and packaging, it’s all done here in sunny Southern California.

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