September 16, 2019 2 min read

Note: Pictures seen in this blog are of our final prototype bumper and skid plates. These are not fully welded and do not have their powedercoat yet. Final product may look slightly different.


We here at RRW are constantly finding ways to improve upon the offroad armor we make. We’ve realized that not everyone wants a full-sized heavy bumper on the front of their truck, so we’ve developed a stealth-bumper that maintains the sleek front end of your 4Runner, but also adds the offroad functions you want without adding the bulk and weight that you don’t.


Our stealth bumpers feature customization based on your needs, so whether it’s a 10,000lb winch, a 20/30” Light Bar, or adding the extra protection that you’re looking for, you can do it all with a clean design that is pleasing to the eye. Our bumper also increases approach angle, giving you the added clearance to traverse the roughest terrain you’ll encounter on your journeys.

In addition to our Stealth front bumper, we've also created a new armored skid plate that allows for maximum protection, with a sleek aggressive look. Available in both Steel for strength, and Aluminium for weight, this skid plate allows you to protect your engine's sensitive bits, while also adding to the aggressive looks of the laser cut design we've added to make your rig stand out. These skid plates are also available in a raw finish, and a powdercoated black finish, to match your rig no matter your tastes. 



All our offroad armor is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA, using the highest grade American-sourced heavy-duty steel. From blueprint to final product, we make sure every aspect of the process is controlled and up to our high standards of work. Scanning, CAD design, laser cutting, notching, welding, and powdercoating, is all done by engineers and professionals in their trade, to provide a top notch product that will provide exceptional protection for your investment.

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