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We love what our Toyota 4Runner could do off-road, but just weren’t satisfied with the protection it provides on the front of the car. When you’re on tough trails, the front end tends to dig in on steep inclines and could catch on rocks, snapping your bumper out of place and possibly damaging things underneath it. But some people don’t like fully chopped bumpers, as it changes the look of the whole front end and sometimes give a bulky exterior. For that reason, we developed the RRW Stealth Bumper. 

This bumper fits onto your front end using factory mounting points and factory hardware, and requires minimal cutting of the plastic bumper. You can retain your bumper shape, and still have the increased approach angle, increased front end protection, and the offroad look of a metal plate bumper. The bumper is fully designed, CNC laser cut/bent, and built in the USA, using the best local metal suppliers, so you know the quality is going to be spot on. 

The bumper also allows for customization to your specific needs, whether it be a winch mount for a 9-10k lb winch, a light bar mount for 20” and 30” light bars, or a top hoop for added protection. All these options are customizable on the listing, so you can get exactly what you want. The bumper also features a removable honeycomb mesh, which allows for light bar protection against possible rocks coming at you from the guy flying down the trail ahead of you. 

An optional top hoop gives your grill protection in the case that you need to push deep brush or obstacles out of your way, as well as built in D-ring shackle mounts standard, so you’ll have a tough spot to tow from. Your winch will also have easier to access cutouts, in case you need to get back there and tinker with it.

With the light-weight design utilizing a blend of steel thickness, you’ll get a lighter option that won’t stress your front end with extra weight. Get the protection you want, without sacrificing weight and looks. 


The bumpers are available now on our site, and have a short lead time of 3-5 weeks for production. They are made-to-order, so you won’t get a set that’s been sitting around a warehouse collecting dust. Get yours today and use the code  '4x4stealth'  for an additional discount on your order! 

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Raphael Maldonado
Raphael Maldonado

September 11, 2019

Are you running a Labor Day Sales? If so, what is the code at check out?

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