October 11, 2019 1 min read

We realized after taking our shop GX out to Alabama Hills a few times that we needed a better organization solution than throwing everything in identical plastic boxes in the trunk. That wasted a lot of space, and made it a pain looking for things when we needed them. With that in mind, we developed the RRW Molle Panel System, which allows you to strap your recovery gear up onto the windows and sides of the trunk, leaving the floor free for all your camping essentials.

The product is 100% laser cut in Southern California using locally sourced high grade steel, providing an exact precision fitment to your rig, and a product that will last the lifetime of your car. Installation is extremely easy, it's completely bolt-on, meaning no cutting, drilling, welding, or any kind of changes need to be made to install the product. Simply undo the two bolts on the roof handle, and re-use the existing lower brackets to clamp the panels to your rig. A five minute install. 


Now we've got space for our fire extinguisher, recovery straps, replacement parts, first aid kits, and a bunch of molle-organization pouches (for all the small stuff... and snacks) on the sides, leaving space for our onboard fridge and camping gear in the actual trunk. It made our lives easier, and now it's time we offer it for yours.

Link to Molle Panels:


Discount code for $100 off your set: 4X4MOLLE

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