December 09, 2019 2 min read

In the wheel industry, Monoblock forged wheels are considered as being the finest rims, being lower in weight than their cast alternatives, while also keeping the wheel strength and performance benefits. Relations Race Wheels has recently released the Monoblock F-Line of offroad forged wheels, which come in new styles such as the RR7, and some redesigns of flagship models, such as the RR2, RR5, and RR6. 


RR2-F Monoblock Forged Wheel


The Offroad Monoblock wheels start out as a solid block of aerospace-grade aluminium, and are set in a forging device, where it's condensed into the shape of the wheel using extreme amounts of force. This process compresses the aluminium into a solid grain formation, without any imperfections, leading to an extremely strong wheel. Due to this strength, the wheel needs less material to keep it's durability, leading to a lighter wheel.


RR7-F Monoblock Forged Wheel


As we all know, less rotational wheel weight means more power, faster braking, and enhanced fuel efficiency. The forged structure also makes them reliable and durable, making them perfect for the offroad rigs they're meant to go on. When you're trying to lighten your rig, you'll make a much bigger difference to performance and gas mileage by taking rotational weight off of the wheels, rather than taking weight off of the body of the car. 



The Forged Monoblocks by Relations Race Wheels are all FEA tested as well, to ensure there are no active stress points on the design. Whether this is going on your daily driven Tacoma, or your rock crawling Jeep, you're sure to reap the benefits that these offroad forged wheels offer. 



Be one of the first to rock the Offroad Monoblocks by grabbing your set today and using code 4X4MONOBLOCK for a discount on your order as well. These wheels are available in multiple bolt patterns for nearly all off-road rigs, most popular being the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Toyota Tundra, Lexus GX Series, Ford Raptor, and many more. 


Check out the full line of Relations Race Wheels Monoblock wheels by clicking here




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