May 02, 2019 2 min read

When the road gets rocky, you’ve got to equip your rig to handle anything that gets thrown at it. Preventing costly repairs should be high on the list of priorities, and one of the best ways to do that is to throw on some rock sliders and protect those rocker panels. We love our Lexus as much as you love yours, so we developed these GX470 bolt-on rock sliders specifically for our rig. We put them through countless tests and improved the design many times, to bring you the final product.

These sliders were developed with strength and functionality in mind, while also providing a stress-free quick install so you can spend less time wrenching, and more time wheeling.

Put away the drill and tape measure, these sliders bolt directly to the stock frame rails with the highest quality grade-8 mounting hardware that utilizing existing holes that your car already comes with. Each support arm on the slider is fully gusseted to the mounting plate, so you get the ultimate strength against whatever you encounter. They’re also made of heavy duty 1.75” .120-wall steel tubing, you can rest assured that these sliders will take quite a beating on that rocky path, and continue to serve you, trail after rocky trail.

Not only do these sliders protect against rocks on the trail, and the pesky door-dingers at the mall, they also double as a hi-lift point anywhere on the slider. With an integrated kickout near the end of the slider, as well as a built-in step on the rear, these sliders will serve you in all the ways you’d want them to. No more struggling to get the jack in the right spot.

We put lots of research and lots of testing into the final design of the sliders to bring you the strongest product - laser cut, welded, and powder coated, all 100% Made in the USA.

Available in our durable high-temp resistant wrinkle matte black powdercoat finish, or raw metal, so you can color match your ride and stand out from the crowd.

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