August 30, 2019 2 min read

At Relations Race Wheels, we’re always lugging around a lot of wheels, sliders, bumpers, and other heavy gear. For that reason, we’re pretty much all driving diesel trucks. And what better way to customize our trucks, than to put our own wheels on them? 



Since we’re always loading them up and actually using our trucks, we had to put quality and toughness at the top of the priorities list. What we came up with are the Relations Race Wheels RR4-V wheels. They’re built in a high quality facility using the best sourced metal, to make for a strong wheel capable of high load ratings. Our RR4-V diesel wheels are 8-lug wheels that are equipped with a tough 3650lb load rating. That’s over 14,000lb of load rating for your truck. Have you loaded it up with that much weight before? Because we have. It works great.



When you’re on the job site, you want beefy tires to traverse the unfinished dirt paths in comfort, so we offer the wheels in a 17” diameter, allowing us to put massive tires and get a plush comfortable ride out of any road we end up taking. All of us here are nature-loving offroaders as well, so we had to take the weekend adventures into account too. 



Whenever we go out into the desert for some weekend relaxation, we like to tow out all our fun toys with us, so that we can play harder. For that, we have a 27’ toy-hauler trailer, which we connect to our F350 and go to town. Or the desert, more specifically. The wheels provide for a comfortable towing experience with no worries about stress fractures or any other issues coming up down the line. Years later, you can trust these wheels to keep fueling your weekdays on the job, and weekends out in nature.


The wheels are available now in a Matte Black and a Matte Bronze finish, for many diesel trucks such as the F250, F350, Chevy Silverado 2500, 3500 HD, Express 2500, Express 3500, Dodge Ram 2500, 3500, and many others. What’s better than the currently on-sale low price? A discount on top. You can use code 4x4dieselfor an additional hefty discount on your set today, but don’t wait, because inventory doesn’t sit here at RRW, and once they’re gone, restocks won’t come for a few months. Head over to the site and grab your set today! 



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