May 21, 2019 2 min read

Whether you’re a tradesman, family man, or weekend trail warrior, you’ve probably experienced situations where your cloth seats are in harms way. Whether your kids are throwing chips at each other in the back seats, your dirty jobsite clothes are staining your driver seat, or your passengers decide to open the windows up on that dusty path you’re flying down. If you’re sitting on cloth, it’s going to get stained, gather dust, and be dirty in every way you can imagine. It’s a scientific fact that your cloth seats are going to get stained sooner or later. For that reason, our team of scientists (or so they like to call themselves) have developed our revolutionary Cloud9 synthetic leather OEM replacement covers.

These covers will protect your seats from all the elements they may encounter, whether it’s an oily tool or a disgruntled child. Whatever the mess, you can grab a rag and wipe it away with no use of chemicals, vacuums, or costly interior shampooing. That alone will save you hundreds throughout the life of your truck.

Another huge benefit these synthetic leather seats provide is they keep their temperature at a comfortable zone, whether it be freezing cold outside, or scorching hot. We’ve all experienced the burning hot seats of a sunny summer day.  No more swampy back either, they’re as breathable as can get. Your OEM seat heaters will work with them just fine as well, giving you the comfort you deserve in any situation. Account for the fact that they’re padded with medium density foam as well, and you’ve got a truly pleasurable experience every time you get in your truck.

The seat covers we make are OEM-replacement, which means you’ll remove your current cloth covers, and use the same OEM-mounting clips to install the leather replacements. That’s what gives our seats the perfect slip-on fit that contours the foam seats on your truck. They’ll fit like new whether you’ve got the F150, F250, F350, or any of our other trucks we’re currently developing these for.

Check out our site for more pricing and information about our covers, and pick your set up today.

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