May 14, 2019 2 min read

When you’ve got an active desert lifestyle, you need a rig capable of towing more than just your dirt bike. Sometimes you’re taking your whole arsenal of toys out, and need to be sure you’re set for the trip. League Automotive took the F-350, truck of the year, and tuned it to this customer’s preference with a nice array of modifications.

RRW RR4-V 17x8.5 8x170 - Yokohama Geolandar 37x12.5R17

You can’t tow offroad with a tire setup you don’t trust. So the first thing they did was remove the OEM wheels and tires, and throw on the RRW RR4-V 17x8.5 wheels, and wrap them in the Yokohama Geolandar 37’s. These wheels are load rated for 3650lb, so they could tow anything their heart pleases and not worry about their wheels giving out. These are heavy duty wheels. The tires have a grippy tread pattern and are made of triple-polymer compound that provides outstanding grip wherever he goes. This setup gave him confidence and a whole lot of ability under his belt.

The next step was to add a 3” ReadyLift leveling kit to help remove some of the exaggerated rake these trucks have from the factory. Once installed, the truck sat straight when not towing, which was a specific request the customer had, as he does daily drive the truck. He also requested we install the Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 on the rear. These rear airbags are the best choice for safety and comfort when choosing a towing load leveling kit. The kit has an internal jounce bumper, which helps to absorb shock, even with zero air pressure. That eliminates harsh jarring on rough roads, so your load isn’t being thrown around while you’re getting to your destination.

With all the toys the customer has, his F-350 wasn’t enough of a truck for the task. And once he got his F-350 tuned in, he felt equipped to take on any road, with any of his toys in the back. And when he’s not out in the desert, he’s enjoying a level and smooth ride on the streets of Los Angeles. The customer reached out to us and expressed his gratitude for the quick and professional jobLeague Automotive did on his rig, and was thankful for the safety our wheels will provide him for years and years to come.

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