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Hey guys, 4x4.subi here. For the longest time, our community has had limited support from aftermarket companies, and limited choices. Anyone who wanted wheels, usually went with one of a handful of choices. Anyone who wanted bumpers, went with crazy expensive one-offs. When you’re the casual offroad warrior looking for extra clearance, you can’t drop three grand on a bumper setup. That’s where we come in. Bumpers? Check. Wheels? Check. Cheaper than the competition? Check. Stronger and more Subaru-friendly? Check.

I’m working close with the designers at Relations Race Wheels to work out all the kinks and hurdles we’ve gotta get over to design a product that’s both aesthetically pleasing and utility rich, but still keeping in mind the cars we have and the things we need to be accounted for. The Crosstrek, it’s not as powerful as other models, so we’ve made our bumpers lighter than any other, while still keeping strength and style. Our wheels? We’ve manufactured them to account for our brake caliper sizing on Crosstreks and XV models, and we’re working on more solutions for the Outbacks and Foresters.

We’re setting out to make a new standard in this community, by providing products designed and influenced by the needs their customers have. No more settling, you’ll have products that are meant for us, and designed by us. Because we here use the same stuff we make, and we stand by it all.

Available now on presale is our RR2-S and RR2-V lines of wheels, one of which includes the beadlock style wheels, and the other features the smooth lip. With a timeless six-spoke design, you’re sure to fall in love with your car again and again.

Also available for presale are our 2nd Subaru Crosstrek tubular bumpers, which haven’t affected my MPG at all, due to the lightweight and aerodynamic CAD design. $1500 per bumper? Nope. They’re only $400 each with the presale code 4x4subi. Affordable solutions for the normal guy.

We’re not stopping here, we’re going to release first-gen Subaru XV bumpers as well, and move onto the other rigs that want them. Have an idea? Email us. I’ll make sure I put all the time and effort I can into making our products perfect for our customers. Because our customers are our family. And we take care of those in our circle. Head over to the site and join the family today.

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Austin Miles
Austin Miles

March 03, 2020

Hey guys! The treck bumper looks awesome. Any plans for the 08-14 Impreza/WRX?
I have a 2010 WRX hatch lifted on forester suspension that needs a bumper just like this!
I’m local as well, if you’re interested in a test vehicle.


September 11, 2019

Hey, what shocks are you running on your subie? I just ordered the rr2v wheels and soon to order the front bumper. Thanks 😀

Cullen Barker
Cullen Barker

July 24, 2019

i am very interested in a set of Front and Rear Bumpers for my 2013 Crosstrek Xv . Would you stil sell me a set for the same price as your website and if so when are they available ? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Cullen Barker

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