April 24, 2020 1 min read

What many don't know is that when lifting your brand new truck, one of the factory parts that hinders the performance would be the stock upper control arms. The factory part is a stamped steel part, with a weak ball joint, these at all means were designed for city/highway driving for longevity.

The ball joint is the limiting factor that limits the amount of suspension droop travel. Our design utilizes a large 1.25" uniball and two 7/8" rod end that gives these arms the smooth suspension travel that your lifted truck desires. This instantly results in a more plush ride, more robust dependable off-road. 

The camber and caster are fully adjustable on these arms, our design has positive caster added, which is a must to increase driving performance on any lifted truck. 

To meet the growing demand of the Toyota market, we spent a few months and design, test, and manufacture an affordable for those seeking to upgrade to a CNC billet upper control arm. 

These arms are proudly 100% manufactured in California, and hard anodized, giving it a very durable matte grey finish, which is now our signature finish. 

See the product here: https://www.relationsracewheels.com/collections/upper-control-arms


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