May 09, 2019 1 min read

Everybody loves the look of a clean car. Integration is key in making your build look clean. When it comes to winches, they’re tough additions unless you’ve got a full fabricated bumper with specific mounts for it. We didn’t like that, so we set out to make a hidden integrated winch mounting plate for our 3rd Gen Tacoma. The result? A 10,000lb WARN winch, hidden behind the factory bumper valance. It keeps everything looking clean while staying prepared for your next offroad adventure.

100% Made in the USA, our hidden winch platewill mount your average 9,000-10,000lb winch to your Tacoma frame via existing bolt locations behind your bumper. We designed the plate with reinforced gussets throughout the design, to provide durability and efficiency. Professionally MIG welded quarter-inch steel plating will ensure a lifetime of use and a light weight front end. It’s also sand blasted and powder coated in a textured matte black finish.

The install is simple, it does NOT require any cutting of the actual bumper, it only requires a hole be cut in the lower valance. The mount comes with included relocation brackets for the transmission cooler if needed, moving it 1” further back. Once the valance hole is cut out, the mount simply bolts onto the frame, and you’re good to go! It’s the most cost-effective way to properly mount a winch, which is a must-have upgrade for any serious weekend off-roader.

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